Space Monk-E - Snake Charmer


Space Monk-E - Snake Charmer

‘Snake Charmer’ is the latest banger from talented DJ and producer Space Monk-E. Following his recent project ‘D3adSkrilMau5exButt’, Space Monk-E is now following up with a remarkable Electro House effort, setting the scene to make 2016 the “#YearOfTheMonkE”.

Space Monk-E is quickly establishing himself as one of the fastest rising talents within the US East Coast EDM scene, whilst now seeking to reach international stardom. A highly sought-after DJ, Space Monk-E has been performing all around the North American continent and is now spending time in the studio cooking up his new productions. Along the years, Space Monk-E has managed to sign his name on top-notch material such as: ‘Static’, ‘Burn’, ‘E Everybody’ and ‘The Come Up’ to name a few and is now back with his newest wonder ‘Snake Charmer’.

Bursting with tribal rhythms, ‘Snake Charmer’ kicks off with a bang, later introducing ethnic melodies to spice things up. A wide array of effects provide the perfect accompaniment to the main theme, whilst a subby segments takes over, characterised by deep elements and a range of sonic embellishments. Space Monk-E unleashes an additional tribal tract, whilst building up towards a colossal orchestral-style section, heading the single towards another much awaited lead melody and drop, before closing off with a mellower conclusion.

‘Snake Charmer’ is the latest addition to Smooth Villain Records’ musical capital. Space Monk-E has become a regular contributor towards Smooth Villain’s growing catalogue and has become a key figure within the imprint’s roster. An eclectic label, Smooth Villain Records has been offering a range of quality releases from the very start, showcasing the works of stellar artists within their family, such as: GenRx, Murmur, Kairo, Vinny Vega, Jack The Sipper, DeadRomeo and Jennifer Haley amongst others. Space Monk-E is surely an asset to Smooth Villan Records and one can expect much more yet to come from this fruitful collaboration.

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