Soapbass releases “Mary Fcking Poppins”

Soapbass releases “Mary Fcking Poppins”

Record Sounds Like: A beat between Lampe and Carbon – Eargasmic sounds, that are the magic formula being Peak Time / Driving Techno with a Minimal / Deep Tech touch

Polite As Fck records is the achievement of exceptional artists who aim to deliver the best of the Electronic music industry. It politely excuses itself for its mesmerizing and groundbreaking releases featuring talented artists.
Polite As Fck promises its audience a music revolution, keep yourself ready for what’s coming next.
Soapbass, the mastermind behind the label started the movement leading by example, along with the efforts of gifted artists such as Russian Maksim Dark and Argentinian Tomy Wahll. Both well established and unique in style. The all new EP, is a reference to an iconic historical movie unscrupulously bringing back those memories with a sexy mysterious twist.

The EP’s eargasmic sounds can hype up any crowd for the Peak Time with a touch of Minimal / Deep Tech. Giving “Marry Fcking Poppins” EP the ability to transpose anyone who dares listen.

Be Polite As Fck, join the movement, and be all ears to “Mary Fcking Poppins”.

Artist Quote – “Soapbass: “I love old iconic movies, for me they have something special as if they are stopped in time. When I do a track I want it to be the same. I want my track to stop time”

Sopbass: ” I clean my soul with my music. This is why I always Use Soap”

Polite As Fck:” We decided to launch the record Label, because there are so many artist with potential but since they are not known they do not get a chance. Well us at Polite As Fck we give the change to every artist. Of course we will have a certain standard, but it’s not because you have never released that you will have to go through what I went through to release. Stay Polite As Fck.”

Polite As Fck: “The name of the label is an contradiction on it’s own. Can you be Polite As Fck? Well our music is””



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