Bastian Bux - Somia EP


Bastian Bux - Somia EP

That's right, "Somia", that's the title chosen by the Barcelona-based and 'deep and emotional techno soldier' (in the words of Emeric Dally) to return home, Suara imprint, after 6 months in silence (his previous release was "Sons of the Suburbs").

The Spaniard gets inspired this time on the negatives surrounding him “I always say that I write music when I’m sad, thoughtful or angry. My inspiration always comes from this kind of negative feelings. We live in a moment where you only need to switch on TV to get mad about something, so there ís plenty of an inspiration source for me nowadays. I feel like if we live in some Orwellian dystopian nightmare, and I hate the fact that nobody seems to care about this”.

Having said that, let's get ready for a 5-track EP with a huge passion for techno, trippy arps, stunning acid sounds, emotional and more electronic patterns, and of course some uplifting melodies.

'Somia EP' is out today!