Sone Delivers Masterful Tune ‘Happy’

Sone Delivers Masterful Tune ‘Happy’


Singer-songwriter Sone, who is living in Hamburg, Germany and originally from New York, USA, is deeply passionate about creating heartfelt tunes. Her new single ‘Happy’ showcases her attractive lyrics, striking production, and gorgeous vocal delivery, which are the driving forces behind her alternative indie offering.


Sone’s musical offerings are transparent, truthful, and compassionate. She penned the song’s lyrics fast while out on a walk after recognising that a turning point was necessary to have others comprehend her troubles. The self-reflective lyrics and sad music over the catchy tune of ‘Happy’ symbolises the desire to be happy. Writing the single made her uncomfortable, but being creative brought her one step closer to real happiness.


Sone’s raw vocals are featured on the record in an enigmatic way, producing a compelling and unique sound. The alternative indie release immerses listeners in a world of captivating soundscapes while embracing the feelings of sadness while travelling towards happiness.


Fans will instantly fall in love with this exquisite product. ‘Happy’ will undoubtedly rank among the most thrilling songs of 2024 since it is charming, resonant, and relaxing all the way to the finish.



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