Soul Artist Frank Head Releases Track “Soul Snatcher”

Soul Artist Frank Head Releases Track “Soul Snatcher”

Soul artist Frank Head is back with his latest track, “Soul Snatcher,” out now. The song, a sensual ode to a lover, showcases Head’s powerful vocals as well as his ability to weave a story lyrically. With strong choruses, smooth beats, and radio-ready appeal, inspiration from the likes of Jamie Fox, BB King, Usher is evident. He seamlessly transitions between belting and controlling his voice, bringing the listener on a sonic journey. Head shares that the track was written with, “fun, confidence, and women empowerment” in mind. 


A career as a musician is no surprise for Head, who grew up surrounded by the arts. In his youth, he performed in a rap ensemble with his cousin and friend, even recording CDs of their performances. This love of music was reinvigorated in June of 2020, when he miraculously discovered his ability to transition his rap skills to vocals. “I remember being in so much pain and just praying for a way to get over it, and I woke up one morning able to sing,” he shares. “I am still in awe, and because it is so new to me.” 


Since then, Head has been releasing a track every month, garnering an audience of listeners who are enthusiastic to share his music. He has gained tens of thousands of streams across platforms, and a 91K following on Instagram alone. Previous release “Movie” has over 63K streams on Spotify alone, and releases “Moi” and “Like Rick Flair” have reached 30K and 29K, respectively. 


“Soul Snatcher” aims to showcase the technicality of Head’s artistry, incorporating his storytelling abilities with his vocal prowess. It is the perfect track to turn up in the car, or throw on while you’re getting ready for a night out. 




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