Spencer Tarring – Don’t Give Up


Spencer Tarring – Don’t Give Up

It’s said that in Los Angeles, in order to make friends you must have a nice car.  And if you’ve got the nice car, well – you certainly need the tunes to go with it.  Enter Spencer Tarring, Vous Records label boss and Shanghai’s twice crowned ‘Best DJ’ with his new monster of a release – Don’t Give Up.

This is progressive house at its finest with a huge, rolling bassline that’ll have you head nodding to the point of whiplash.  Throw in some seriously techy-percussion with a hook that’ll keep you pinned to the dancefloor and you’ve got a track that’ll not only make friends, but turn heads and enemies at the same time.  A two track release supported by the likes of [email protected], Hands Solo and Overload and featuring the original mix and dub version, Don’t Give Up is a sure-fire dancefloor weapon that demands your attention.

Vous Records is the worldwide label pushing top-quality house from its locations in LA, Shanghai and London.  Spearheaded by Ad Brown, Jesus Cortez and of course, Spencer Tarring, Vous Records has its finger firmly on the pulse of a truly global music scene.  Keep an eye on these guys because there’s plenty more prepped in the arsenal.  

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