Spirit Wrestlers Present The 52 Card Trick


Spirit Wrestlers Present The 52 Card Trick

DiY free-party collective’s Pete Woosh, now known as The Peaceful Ones, is announcing the launch of The 52 Card Trick, a weekly-drop of music over 52 weeks to help raise funds and awareness for natural healing and holistic approaches to living with cancer, recovery, and prevention.

From inter to outer-dimensional excursions, down-tempo to house-tempo, The 52 Card Trick will see between one and three tracks released each week via the Spirit Wrestlers record label, incorporating tracks that fit in with the project’s open ethos rather than any genre.

Featured artists include Raf Rundell, one half of DJ duo The 2 Bears, DJ Nail (aka Neil Tolliday), Crazy P’s Hot Toddy (aka Chris Todd), Parisian producer Brawther, producer and broadcaster Red Rack'em, Kaskade collaborator and singer/rapper Laura Lamn, Fila Brazillia’s Steve Cobby, Kenyan underground electronic artist DJ Raph, Inland Knights’ Andy Riley and Spirit Wrestlers Pete Woosh as 7000 Possibilities of Existence, DiY sound system’s Schmoov!, extreme metal band Carcass’ ex-drummer Ken Owen, Brownswood and Gilles Peterson favourites Three Body Trio, Gambian kora player Seikou Susso, Japanese busker Yusuke Hasegawa, electronic music artist Mark Fell and the emerging talent of his son Ryan Fell, techno wordsmiths The Little Typists, Mantis/DiY’s Brooks, Sufi Qawwali group Shah e Maardan, house producer Jamie Deep, Balearic records’ Coyote, drummer Sophie Fishwick, and spoken-word poetry from a collective of conscious poets including the Buddhist Punk and Potent C.

All artists have given their music free of charge and proceeds from the project will go to Together Against Cancer, Penny Brohn and A.C.T.S (Active Cancer Therapy Support); three organisations committed to helping those wishing take a holistic approach to their treatment.

During the project, Spirit Wrestlers will arrange a series of happenings tied with the four seasonal equinoxes and solstices and themed according to each one’s alchemical sign (Autumn is Earth, Spring is the Air, Summer is Fire and Winter is Water), taking place in sacred spaces chosen specially. There is also a Spirit Wrestlers YouTube channel to accompany the project featuring a uniquely designed digital deck of Spirit Wrestlers playing cards assigned to each week’s release: four suits, four seasons, four elements; 52 cards for 52 weeks.

In December 2015, Pete was diagnosed with highly aggressive head and neck cancer, and subsequently turned down chemotherapy and radiotherapy to embark on a path of self-learning and healing, using cannabis oils and other treatments. By sharing his experiences through The 52 Card Trick, he hopes to offer support, information, and funding for those thinking of taking a natural path.

Commenting on the project, Pete said “I decided to look into natural cancer treatments and plant medicines due to a personal belief that cancer can be managed naturally and holistically in ways which will have less impact on the individual.

Having lived with cancer for over three years, I wanted to share what I’ve learned and signpost options available for those wishing to explore natural treatments. I also believe that the medicinal cannabis prescription should be rolled out and more NHS funding be made available for those seeking non-conventional treatments. ‘The 52 Card Trick’ seeks to raise awareness of this, while bringing musicians together to release some quality music along the way.

Speaking on his involvement with The 52 Card Trick, Red Rack’em said, “Pete Woosh and the DiY crew were a massive inspiration for me and my friends as youngsters getting started in dance music during the late 90s in Nottingham. It was inspiring to see normal, friendly and down to earth people achieving so much and really taking good quality music to the people all over the world. I was quite shy back then but they were always friendly and welcoming – something which made me feel like I had something to offer too. This kind of lineage and kinship is one of the most important elements in the true values of the real club scene.” 

DJ Raph added, “This is the most intriguing project I have worked on yet. I have had to think a lot about music's role in a healthy life, physically and mentally. To be honest, I have a lot of learning to do, not least in living a healthier, more balanced life myself, and I hope the music I'm making for this can somehow convey my experience.”

A 2018 study by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, part of the World Health Organisation, predicted that 18 million people would be diagnosed with cancer and that 9 million of these would die as a result. This is a rise of 28% since the last report by the IARC in 2012 which put the figure at 14 million. The impact of this on our overworked health services cannot be ignored, and with confidence in conventional treatments continuing to diminish more and more people are taking their treatments into their own hands. 

Individual tracks can be purchased for a minimum donation of £2, or fans can purchase an annual subscription for just £50 (over 100 tracks), via Bandcamp here: https://spiritwrestlers1.bandcamp.com/


YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/user/spiritwrestlers1​
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/spiritwrestlers
Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/dukehobos

Raf Rundell​
DJ Nail (AKA Neil Tolliday)
Crazy P’s Hot Toddy
Red Rack'em​
DJ Raph​
Steve Cobby​
7000 Possibilities of Existence (Pete Woosh and Andy Riley)
Three Body Trio
Laura Lamn
Seikou Susso
Yusuke Hasegawa​
Ryan Fell
Mark Fell
The Little Typists
The Amber Salon (AKA Ben Miles (Netflix’s The Crown))
Spandex (one half of The Little Typists)
Shahe Mardan​
Jamie Deep
Ken Owen
Sophie Fishwick
Spoken word poetry from the Buddhist Punk and Potent C