Stay Up Forever Presents: Los Desperados De La Techno


Stay Up Forever Presents: Los Desperados De La Techno

After the massive success of the London Underground United party in March that saw 1300 techno ravers take over The Sidings in London, Stay Up Forever rounds up the posse again to bring the law of the underground to the godforsaken!

All the core members will be riding in for a night of unbridled acid techno in the back room where The Geezer plays live and the crack squad of Chris Liberator, Aaron Liberator, Sterling Moss, Rackitt, Steve Mills and No Comment will be at the controls. In the front room, SUF’s D.A.V.E The Drummer hand picks some of this favourite DJs to drop the finest techno.

This is London’s real underground party of the summer…miss it at your peril!

The Line up:
Acid Techno Renegades:
The Geezer (live)
Chris Liberator
Aaron Liberator
Sterling Moss
Steve Mills
No Comment

Techno Outlaws:
D.A.V.E. The Drummer
Marcello Perri
Tom Laws