STREAMER Drops Indie Trance Fusion on ‘Possessify’

STREAMER Drops Indie Trance Fusion on ‘Possessify’

Within the music industry, some extraordinary artists can captivate listeners with their pure talent and authentic storytelling. STREAMER are one such band that has been successful in carving out a niche for themselves in the industry and leaving a lasting impression on fans.

Returning with their latest single ‘Possessify’, a genre-blend of indie, rock, EDM, and trance, STREAMER showcases their most brilliant offering to date. Their mastery of production and engaging music storytelling transported every listener from all over the world into the musical landscape of indie trance.

Reflecting on the tune, STREAMER comments, “‘Possessify’ is about courage and conviction, not losing creative souls to the daily grind and the absolute need to ‘Feel Free, Fly High, don’t get so Possessified’.”

As STEAMER finds their way into the music business, one thing is certain: their impact will endure for many decades. With their incredible presence, heartfelt narrative, and unwavering commitment, they have inspired others with their strong sense of musicality.

‘Possessify’ is out now on all major streaming platforms!



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