Leftwing & Kody - Sub Syndrome EP


Leftwing & Kody - Sub Syndrome EP

Leftwing & Kody deliver their ‘Sub Sydrome’ EP via Kaluki Music this July, comprising three original tracks from the UK duo.

Residents at Viva’s Warriors events throughout this summer and founders of the Lost Records imprint Leftwing & Kody are firmly cemented as driving forces in contemporary house music. Recent times have seen the duo stack up releases on Knee Deep In Sound, Rinse, MadTech and ViVa Limited, and now the pair join the roster of UK based label Kaluki Music with some fresh material.

The duo open with title track ‘Sub Syndrome’ a six-minute bass fuelled workout employing vacillating sub hits, shuffled rhythms and sporadic synth fills.

‘Binary’ follows and fuses mind bending arpeggios, wandering synth stabs and crunchy percussion alongside hypnotic vocal murmurs before ‘I See You’ rounds off the package via murky bass drones, delay vocal swells and a robust rhythmic drive.

Leftwing & Kody’s ‘Sub Syndrome’ EP is out on Kaluki Music 22nd July 2016.


Sub Syndrome
I See You