Sun Child Returns with Music Video for “Ghost”

Sun Child Returns with Music Video for “Ghost”

Indie-folk group Sun Child is back with their latest single, “Ghost,” available for streaming now alongside the recently released music video. The track is a haunting, piano-led take on the deep melancholia of grief. Atmospheric effects and lead singer Brooke Garwood’s dreamy vocals whisk the listener away into another world. “People, they will come and go,/ But are you really just a ghost now?/ Was that your easy way out?,” she questions, as strings slowly build, mimicking the anxiety and desperation felt during loss. Comparisons can be made to the likes of contemporaries Indigo De Souza, Searows, Billie Eilish, and St. Vincent


Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Sun Child originated as the solo project of Garwood, an incredibly talented lyricist. Throughout the course of 2023, the project turned into an “incandescent ensemble,” releasing their debut EP “Everything” in April of this year. Recorded by Patrick Taylor of Trash Panda, the work aimed to build off of Garwood’s previous folk singles (“Elephants” and “Can’t Move”), enriching her sound in a fuller direction. Press has taken a liking to the group, with the Charleston City Paper writing that “Everything” heightens, “…the emotional heft of her songwriting and toying with dream-pop and psychedelic tinges to forge a new identity.” The journalist went on to laude Garwood for her experimental electric guitars and DIY sensibilities in the vein of Soccer Mommy and Japanese Breakfast. 


“Ghost” was written by Garwood with no real intention for release, but rather as an emotive outlet. She began composing the track with simple chords on the piano, and leaving effects off of her vocals to maintain their vulnerability and softness. She shares, “The bridge provides a change in pace of the song and is

kind of a point in the song that is disorienting – going along with that feeling associated with grief.” 


She hopes that the release of the track will aid others in their navigation through the stages of loss. “People come into our lives for a reason, even if it’s not permanent,” she emphasizes.



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