Teenage Pop/Rock Artist Belle Releases Latest Single ‘Just B U’

Teenage Pop/Rock Artist Belle Releases Latest Single ‘Just B U’

16-year-old Pop/Rock artist Belle releases her latest single ‘Just B U’. Belle’s music draws inspiration from her own experiences and how she overcame difficult times. Her songs are powerful and uplifting, with an underlying message of kindness, hope and strength through adversity.

‘Just B U’ is no different, a youthful Pop/Rock anthem that advocates staying true to yourself, even while people and circumstances try to change you. Backed by foot-tapping rock grooves, powerful choruses and catchy melodies that amplify Belle’s impassioned vocal performance and message to the forefront.

Speaking on the meaning behind ‘Just B U’ Belle says “I was being pushed into trying to change myself and to stop doing the things I loved doing, all to be accepted as part of a particular friendship circle. This all felt so wrong and confusing so I broke free. This song is a reflection on that time, I wrote ‘Just B U’ in lockdown when I had time and space to reflect”

The video complements the theme of the song, showcasing Belle’s fans, online influencers and celebrities Vanessa Feltz, Lynne McGanger and Amanda Byram, to amplify the message that you are always enough

To celebrate the release of ‘Just B U’ Belle has embarked on a 5-week school tour performing and talking with schoolchildren about mental health, online safety and cyberbullying including her own experiences. The tour is overseen and promoted via The Prime Agency.

Hailing from the Midlands, Belle had a passion for music from an early age, having grown up in a family stuffed full of hit singles and fun, Belle is a confident performer, writer and singer, busily marking out her own very individual creative vision. Having released her debut single earlier this year, Belle has already found her voice as she continues to seek out ways to express empathy through her music, her lyrics not only reflect the times we are living in but the emotional highs and lows of her generation. Belle represents the kids who have no voice, and who can’t or don’t speak out.

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