TerraFerma / The Art Aid Project


TerraFerma / The Art Aid Project

The grassroots organisation focusing on  development of quality underground art and innovation in electronic music is inviting the scene to build together the foundations of a future we can all be proud of.

Terraferma presents The Art Aid Project and invites the electronic music scene to build together the foundations of a future we can all be proud of.
This project is a community builder; it creates work opportunities,promotes collaboration between different art disciplines away from the stresses of the music industry and it has Electronic Music and it's evolution at it's heart.
Many high profile DJ's have spoken out about the current difficulties and the need to nurture and develop future talent but identifying a problem goes only half way to finding a solution.
The Art Aid Project is a self-sustaining mechanism that not only helps with showcasing the future generation but is also a laboratory of new ideas such as the connection of contemporary / modern dance with electronic music.
We live in the age of the festival and although the scene has grown massively because of them, the need for strong and healthy local scenes is more important than ever. You simply cannot experiment and nurture future talent at a festival due to the fact that massive budget deficits are at stake and there is no room for experimentation.

Experimentation is vital, it leads to innovation and consequently to the evolution of electronic music.
The future heroes of the scene are out there, let's work together and do the right thing by developing their talent in a safe environment where collaboration and not competition is the driving force.
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