Tez Cadey on new EP ‘everysingletime’ and early rave memories

Tez Cadey on new EP ‘everysingletime’ and early rave memories

Hey Tez! Thanks for chatting with us. Congratulations on the new EP release ‘everysingletime.’ What has the reaction been like so far?  

 Hey guys thanks for having me! The reaction has been amazing so far, especially live. It feels great to put out a more club-oriented record and have people vibe and party to it. I look forward to every time I play the tracks out to a crowd.  


Your new EP ‘Everysingletime’ has a rawer underground vibe in comparison to previous releases. Did you set out to write the two tracks with the aim of exploring a harder rave sound? And is this a style we can expect to hear from you again in the future?  

The two tracks have been made a little over a year ago when I was starting to seriously miss the parties and touring. It’s true that it takes a different turn than the previous releases with its rawer energy. I’ve been heavily influenced by the classic ghetto house, acid house and more recent hard trance music these past years so I think it shines through on this record. It’s definitely something you can expect in the future! But I also still love the more laidback electro and house music, so I won’t be dropping the rest either.  


‘Everysingletime’ and ‘Bring The Vibe in Check’ have their own individual soundscapes. What are the inspirations behind each track? And what feelings do you hope listeners will take away?  

I was listening to a lot of fast paced music at the time in the 140-150bpm range and since I had never really done anything in those tempos, I loved the creative freedom it gave me. The tracks were originally made for a side project but as they grew my label suggested me to release them under Tez Cadey and I feel they were right because they still do feel like they belong with the rest of my records.  

‘Everysingletime’ was heavily influenced by the French hard trance scene with producers like Hadone, Shlømo and Trym. ‘Bring the vibe in check’ is a more personal and pop take on the hardstyle genre with the lightness that G house brings to the table with projects like DJ Slugo, DJ Deeon or even the more hard-hitting Brutalismus 3000. I feel hard techno in general is often dark and I wanted to bring the rave sound into my world on this EP. Have it more colourful, nostalgic and melodic whilst keeping the base energy as raw as possible.  




What’s your earliest memory of going raving?  

My earliest memory of raving was in a warehouse in the northern city of Lille in France in 2012. I remember getting completely blown away at the time. It was like a new world opened in front of me. I closed my eyes until the sunrise. It’s still one of my fondest memories up to this day. I was already making some beats in my student room at the time, but this experience really made me want to commit to it more seriously.  


Do you ever face writer’s block when you’re in the studio? And if so, where do you look to get your creative juices flowing?  

I do, like everyone I guess, but when it happens it’s often that I’m trying too hard to make a certain type of record. When I am in a creative block, I try to forget about everything and just have fun making music that feels interesting and new to me, even if it sounds bad. If I have fun making it, hopefully someone will have fun listening to it.  


When you’re not behind the decks or in the studio, how do you like to spend your time?  

I like to spend some time with friends, family or by myself, either fishing outdoors, gaming indoors or even doing nothing. I’m a pretty laidback person in general so I tend to do one thing at a time and not too many things otherwise I feel overwhelmed. I think wasting time is the best way to spend it.  


If you could perform a back-to-back set with any DJ on the planet, who would it be? 

In the studio it would be Calvin Harris any day. I just love how creative he is and the liberty he takes in his music. But for a DJ set, I’d have to go with MCDE. To me he’s one of the very best out there. I saw him live in the early morning for the closing of a festival and the atmosphere was insane. His music culture and his sets are amazing!  


Having navigated the music industry as a touring and releasing artist for a few years now, what advice would you give to your younger self if you were starting out again?  

Enjoy the journey, there is no ultimate goal to achieve, making and releasing music already is a reward. 


What are your plans for the rest of 2022?  

I have some more music coming up, a lot of pop records. I’m also working on a club follow up for ‘everysingletime’ that I’d love to release before next summer, right in time for the festivals. 




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