The Barnum Meserve With Beautifully Dark New Single ‘GASLIGHT’

The Barnum Meserve With Beautifully Dark New Single ‘GASLIGHT’

The Nottingham 3-piece share their first taste of new music since their 2017 album ‘When All Is Lost’.

With Gaslight the band have made a purpose of combining new technologies within both their song writing and production and we’re a massive fan of it! As the 3-piece continue to take inspiration from movie scores and soundtracks they have also decided to swap the way we hear their music.

As a group they have made to decision to bring technologies such as synths, drum machines and arpeggiators to the forefront of the mix with more conventional instruments filling the soundscape.

Talking about the lyrical context front man Leon Wiley mentions,

“It’s about manipulation making someone feel like they’re going insane but also making people question themselves whether it’s them or yourself who is the problem. I’ve been in relationships in the past where I’ve been in that situation and it’s a nasty place to be. I thought it was a great idea to write about as it can be a dark subject matter, to be manipulated by those around you who you love and ultimately trust.”

We suggest you sit back and loose yourself into this intensely gripping music video that accompanies the brilliant new single from The Barnum Meserve.

We can’t wait to hear more from the band!



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