The Berlin artist KaterUnser, his new label and event brand

The Berlin artist KaterUnser, his new label and event brand

KaterUnser is a Berlin-based musician who focuses on the darker and more obscure realms of techno, while blending hypnotic melodies, haunting atmospheres and dystopian sounds.

He is the creator of his unique label: møde. This work manages to transport us to another dimension, to a secret yet to be discovered, creating a musical labyrinth as intriguing as it is suggestive. Both producers are like two thinking heads, each with different backgrounds and experiences. Different tastes and ideas but all of them agreeing on the unlimited passion they have for music, as long as it is interesting. The emotional qualities of the work cut across universal themes, creating such a sweet and recognizable experience for an open audience, eager to be immersed in this bewitching experience.

The result is a work that provokes dancing and delights the soul with pure hedonism, through elegance and sophistication, inviting you to enjoy it in the middle of the night on the best dancefloors on the planet. We are, without a doubt, facing a surprising and excellent work, dazzling and exportable; created from talent, meticulousness and sound coherence.


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