RareTwo Inc. (Dj Sneak & Tripmastaz) - The Blast Off EP


RareTwo Inc. (Dj Sneak & Tripmastaz) - The Blast Off EP

DJ Sneak and Tripmastaz collaborate as RareTwo Inc. for three soulful cuts entitled ‘The Blast Off’ EP, dropping on Hottrax in December.

One of Chicago’s most renowned house music artists, DJ Sneak pairs up with Plant 74 founder Tripmastaz – one of Russia’s finest exports – once again under their collaborative guise RareTwo Inc. Initially collaborating on Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster label in 2014, the duo has continued to work together on labels like Ovum, Kaluki, Mr. Nice Guy and Reptile Dysfunction, before debuting their RareTwo Inc. moniker on Kwench Records earlier this year. Finding a fan in Jamie Jones, they now join Hottrax with ‘The Blast Off’ EP following outings from Mason Collective, System2, Kevin Knapp, Waze & Odyssey, and more.

Funk infused samples, passionate vocals and an undulating percussive groove sets the tone in ‘Cum 2Geza’ before ‘Up High’ delivers a spiraling synth line and pulsating sub bass bouncing delightfully off the effervescent drums. ‘The Blast Off’ then finishes things off with luscious pads and rattling percussion to create a spirited atmosphere throughout.

RareTwo Inc. ‘The Blast Off EP’ is out on Hottrax on 14th December 2018.


1. Cum 2Geza
2. Up High
3. The Blast Off