One Track Brain & Ceili - The Brutal Truth EP


One Track Brain & Ceili - The Brutal Truth EP

One Track Brain, the mastermind behind OTB Records, has linked up with Irish producer Ceili in an absolutely murderous combination that, quite frankly, shouldn’t even be legal. Both artists focus on boundary-pushing modern techno, and The Brutal Truth EP is no exception. Centered around concepts of inevitable revelations of truth, longings for eternal youth, and the intersection of sublimity and insanity, this project consists of three heavy analogue jams blasting in full force from start to finish.

The title track, The Brutal Truth, invigorates the senses right away with a piercingly thick and straightforward bass line accompanied by sweeps, swooshes, and haphazard clicks and claps of various sorts. Glitchy synth noises are the cherry on top in this track, guiding the listener through multiple climaxes and bursts of energy with a strangely chaotic yet cohesive consistency.

Eternal Youth provides a melodic break while maintaining the EP’s unifying edgy and aggressive feel. The eye of the hurricane prepares listeners for the final track, Wild Card. Another fully-saturated bass line is accentuated by fluctuating synth waves and a thought-provoking male voice stating “I love dreaming”. The track ends as each instrument is meticulously stripped away, leaving the listener with a solo bass line and an appetite for mayhem.

The Brutal Truth EP will be available February 1st on OTB Records.