The CURIOUS Beach Festival celebrates its 1st edition on August 11


The CURIOUS Beach Festival celebrates its 1st edition on August 11

After stirring up the Parisian nights all winter, CURIOUS is settling in Canet en Roussillon, Southern France, this summer for the CURIOUS Beach Festival. This event will bring together the essential ingredients to a dream summer: the beach, well-being, games, good food and music. Let’s meet at the Naudo Beach Club on Saturday 11th August from 2pm to 4am.

For the first time in its young history, CURIOUS is leaving Paris for the sunnyMediterranean shores of Canet en Roussillon. The Parisian collective invites Catalans and holiday-makers to an exceptional event, it is called Curious Beach Festival. What is the concept? The beach, music, CURIOUS’s DNA, good food, games and well-being.

The Naudo Beach Club will open its beach at 2pm to welcome parents and children, young and old in search of good vibrations. There, they will be initiated to massages, yoga, osteopathy and Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), hypnosis and sophrology, as well as short-lived tattooing,make-up inspired from Coachella’s festival, giant buoys, paddle races, water guns battles, Mölkky (a Finnish skill game), and much more entertainment. 

The whole afternoon will bathe in 100% Chill music delivered by Rim Laurenson a brand new Funktion-One sound system. Add some on the spot churros, waffles, candy floss, ice-creams, burgers and vegan menus prepared by the best food-trucks in the region and, last but not least, enjoy deliciously affordable detox juices.

From 6pm to 4am, rhythm and sound will rise progressively to accompany the aperitive and dinner, before the sunset, start of the long night of the CURIOUS Beach Festival. Electronic music lovers will be immersed in aural delight to the sound of the new Thai star Nakadia, the Cuban Kelvin Lucas, the ArgentinianLucien Le Grub, the Dominican JCtheBear and the locals Loïs Capelli, Black Bass and Swann Decamme, the faithful resident of CURIOS parties in Paris. That said without forgetting two surprise guests: the first one represents the prestigious labels Drumcode and M_nus, the second, the not less famousCadenza and Cocoon!

For the viewing pleasure, in a scenery designed by the Parisian collective Lost on You, the organisers have also planned pyrotechnics, bolas and fire sticks shows and more curious happenings. For the most seasoned party addicts, the night will last until dawn for an After, the place of which will soon be disclosed. To sum up, 5 last words: “Expect the unexpected, be Curious!”

Presale (entry required before 6pm): €5 (limited offer), then €10.
Presale (entrance at any time): €15 (limited offer), then €20.
On the spot: €15 until 6pm, then €25.
Free admission for children under 12 years old.