The Enveloper Unleashes Dark Techno EP ‘Universe 2021’ On Lakota Music

The Enveloper Unleashes Dark Techno EP ‘Universe 2021’ On Lakota Music

The Enveloper’s incredible talents have been showcased on multiple successful Techno releases with remixes that feel especially made for the nightclub. He constantly displays his knack for the art of Production where he continues to deliver professionally wrapped packages that would go down a treat on any dancefloor. With an ever-growing base of listeners, The Enveloper has picked up traction in the industry, with previous hits like ‘Selected’ which placed first in the Nature One Producer contest back in 2020. Ever since, he has had several successful releases partnered with Toma Hawk’s iconic Lakota Records imprint like ‘Dark Age’ and ‘Join Our Crew’. His new release ‘Universe 2021’ is an EP that treats us to three incredibly well-made productions – ‘The Moon’, ‘The Earth’, and ‘The Sun’.

The Enveloper starts off the EP with ‘The Moon’, which is the darkest production of the series and features a throbbing bassline straight from the get-go. This Techno anthem consists of a mashup of seriously impressive dark and enchanting FX before the breakdown proves something to behold as an airy break takes hold and fleeting vocal samples drift around the spectrum. Before we know it, a crescendo of rising FX and drums fill your speakers before letting off a squelchy, acid-infused culmination backed by an intense kick drum you can feel in your chest – a well-rounded and impressive production from The Enveloper.

Next on the list is ‘The Earth’, a spectacular composition that starts off with a booming kickdrum propelled by dark fleeting synths drenched in rhythmic snares which take you on a journey in true Enveloper style. As the breakdown approaches, the song is stripped back to its base and the vibe changes as synths fade in from the sides and tension begins to build as the snare rolls gather momentum with a progressively growing frequency before it kicks out into a really impressive culmination of atmospheric melodies back by the intoxicating kick drum that jumps back into action.

Lastly we have ‘The Sun’, which perfectly ties this EP together with a jaw-dropping bassline and prominent hi-hats which fill the upper end of the spectrum straight off the bat. We are then joined by a series of dark and electrifying FX that shoot past you as the drum carries the track forward. The drop gets straight to the point with a barrage of rising claps that unleashes a perfectly executed baseline and kick tag team where the booming kick drum shoots back into action in such a way where it shakes your soul to the very core. 

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