The Exodus Super Yacht reveals opening parties…


The Exodus Super Yacht reveals opening parties…

The scene is all set for Ibiza boat parties to go to the next level in 2015, because Exodus Super Yacht sets sail on June 5th with very bold plans. Now, the promotions and parties hosting special events aboard this party paradise can be fully unveiled.

Exodus Super Yacht is a multi-decked, four floored luxury boat with VIP service, top deck sun beds, complimentary towels and a hot tub as well as an open terrace for fun in the sun. It has a number of rooms, complete with beds, below the bow and under the water that are private and plush, it has plenty of toilets, premium and professional bars and restaurants that offer everything from sushi to finger food. It has a special VOID sound system, amazing production, a team of water stunt people and, of course, a fine selection of musical hosts.

It all kicks off on Friday June 5th and runs until Sunday September 20th with regular parties each and every week in between. Those in charge of making sure you have voyages to remember are a carefully selected crew of brands and promotions from ardour the UK. They offer all colours and shades of house and dance music from deep and heady to more funky and fun.

Chief amongst them are London’s foremost underground deep house crew Abode, who book only the finest DJs of the day. For something more gorgeous and party styled, Hed Kandi, the global funky house brand, will be on hand to keep you dancing all night long, whilst Secret Party Project also get in on the fun and are known for hosting some of the most elegant and plush events in the most amazing settings – be they mansions, castles or race tracks – so partying on Exodus fits in perfectly with their MO.

Elsewhere there are nights that are all about the biggest names in house genre, such as History of House from Manchester, as well as famous celebrity backed nights such as Callum Best/Best Boys club from London. On top of this, leading nights from Liverpool, Essex, Nottingham and more including the fabulous Boat Club, the clued-up house and tech party Klik, the super trendy Love Juice, plus Kingdom, Unique, underground aligned house crew Cutting Edge and more all bring their own particular party perspectives to what is sure to be an incredible season of sun kissed dance styles.

Opening parties and one off parties
Friday – 05/06/15 – Opening Party
Sunday – 07/06/15 – Hed Kandi
Tuesday – 09/06/15 – Cutting Edge
Friday – 12/06/15 – Secret Party Project
Friday – 26/06/15 – Callum Best/Boys Club
Tuesday – 30/06/15 – Abode
Sunday – 19/07/15 – Love Juice
Sunday – 26/07/15 – Klik
Tuesday – 28/07/15 – Unique
Friday – 31/07/15 – Top Boi
Sunday – 02/08/15 – I Am
Tuesday -04/08/15 – Kingdom
Friday – 14/08/15 – Boat Club
Tuesday – 25/08/15 – History of House