“The Fabulous Red Diesel” Displays Powerful Performance of “Mama Josie Said” on the Brighton Fringe Show

“The Fabulous Red Diesel” Displays Powerful Performance of “Mama Josie Said” on the Brighton Fringe Show

After recent success of the group, “The Fabulous Red Diesel”, they now bring their artistry to the stage with their new hit single, “Mama Josie Said”. This song features smooth and elegant vocals by lead singer Ms. Kitty (Kat Lee-Ryan). As well as the vocals, the song includes an easy-going and musical instrumental with trumpeter, double-bassist, a synth player and guitarist named Rabbi Jaffa Delicious, Duke Boom (Will Lee- Ryan) on drums, and Miss Bea-Have (Beatrice Gullick) on double bass.

With their success as well, they have been able to perform in live shows, something that they always want for the group. They put a focus on performing live because they want everyone to feel the experience of hearing live music.

“Raising the vibration, following the dream in my head’’ The theory is that when you raise your own vibration, it affects everyone around you, they want to raise theirs, by doing what they love and finding peace.” – Ms. Kitty

With the Brighton Fringe Show performance including trapeze, contemporary dance, and projected visuals, “The Fabulous Red Diesel” paints a creative image for listeners to get lost in, making the experience more enjoyable. These aspects form a more complex and interesting picture in one’s mind.

Here is a list of their upcoming Shows:


Brighton Fringe – 28/05/21 – 27/06/21
Frome Festival– 08/07/21
Green Gathering –30/07/21, 01/08/21
Sparkly Bird Pop Up Theatre – Broomgrove Estate, 11/08/21
Rye Jazz Festival (Jazz/Funk Day) – Supporting Incognito and Courtney Pine,28/08/21 Sparkly Bird Pop Up Theatre – The Stade Hastings 11/09/21







www.thefabulousreddiesel.com, www.sparklybird.co.uk







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