The Little Festival events series announced.


The Little Festival events series announced.

The Little Festival have announced a series of mouthwatering events that run from September until the end of the year. The TLF movement is here!

In four years this crew has become known for showcasing innovative house and techno DJs in special environments such as clubs, theatres, basements and real warehouses, always with a magical festival atmosphere. Mesmeric visuals, explosions of colourful confetti, wondrous production and immersive props all make the parties sensory stimulating and truly standout. WIth their unique festival clubbing hybrid concept, they have seen plenty of welcoming, easy going, amazing people, all party as one. As the party matures, though, it is always evolving and will in future continue to innovate with a new direction that brings in lots of new production elements and a fresh edge to proceedings.

Say the team, “We have always brought a fun, young and sometimes downright silly vibe to our parties, but the creative challenge is to provide a whole new experience to our loyal followers as well as the new ones… and that is a challenge we wholly accept. Our ethos is based around creating a feeling of unity, inspiring a sense of community amongst existing friends and newcomers alike. The vibe has always been one of the most notable things about our events, and with thousands of beautiful free-spirited people having graced us with their presence we have been lucky enough to witness friendships created and hear heart-warming stories about bonds that have been born and flourished. We will never stand still.  The adventure is ongoing."

The party has now also spawned its own label, and close contact with headliners, producers and remixers has created a new dimension to the brand. All this means the newly expanded team will be working on some big projects as The Little Festival branches out into Europe and continue to roll out the concept to other UK cities.  Of course, the music is always from the cutting edge and the crowds are always friendly and welcoming. The personal atmospheres lead to new friendships being formed on the dance floor and all without the hassle of having to deal with a mud filled campsite, and now this latest series of events once again promises plenty of thrills and spills.

Things kick off on September 17th with Little Festival Records Intimate Label Party at Gigulum, London, then it is to the much loved Steelyard on Saturday 23rd for The Little Festival’s 4th Birthday, before Terrazzza Meets The Little Festival at Supermarket in Zurich, Switzerland, before it’s back to Steelyard on November 4th.

The Little Festival is all about peace, love and parties, so be sure to get involved or miss out.