Emseatee - The Nostos EP (Part 1)


Emseatee - The Nostos EP (Part 1)

The Nostos EP (Part 1) is the debut release from England native, Emseatee, real name Leigh Redding, the title of the release borrows from Greek mythology and the origins of the word nostalgia which derives from the compounds ‘Nostos’ meaning homecoming, and ‘algos’ translating as pain.

In conjunction with Homer’s ‘Odyssey’ the concept of Nostos portrays a hero returning home by sea. Temptation and reflection play a vital role in the ideas behind the 4 works within the EP. The term Nostos best describes the journeys and afflictions that have come to be Four, Going, Heath and Kite. The freezing and references for memories gone by. Each track is titled as a memory, as a standalone moment or collective period.

Emseatee’s great depth of musical influences from Radiohead, Vessels, Aphex Twin, Nils Frahm, Nathan Fake and the like can all be felt in these organic yet compelling musical explorations. All of them different in form and nature, each track started with either a trigger sound, or emotion by which the memory was rebuilt. Constantly pursuing the limitations of sound, Emseatee invites you to explore these foundations within The Nostos EP (Part 1).

Holding us over until Emseatee’s next outing on 8KO records, the artist and label pairing reflects the young imprint’s appreciation of all things electronic, and forecasts more positive output from the label in the future.

Emseatee ‘The Nostos’ EP (Part 1) drops on 8Kō Records on the 14th December 2015.

1. Four (Original Mix)
2. Going (Original Mix)
3. Heath (Original Mix)
4. Kite (Original Mix)