The Throwaway Scene Share New Single ‘Fake Death’

The Throwaway Scene Share New Single ‘Fake Death’

Sheffield emo rock outfit, The Throwaway Scene have released their brand new single ‘Fake Death’. Trapped in a conversation where aid is offered but met with stiff resistance, “Fake Death” begins to explore the Kübler-Ross five stages of grief model.

With the first stage denial, The Throwaway Scene presents an inner monologue from their character, Ross, as he replays a defiant conversation with Kübler, wherein she offers understanding of a traumatic event.

“This track is a slight departure from my previous lyrical stylings/choices with a view of exploring narrative that was less self-centered. I think vocally it just “feels” different too ‘cos the delivery of the lines is a lot more direct than before. Due to life’s unfortunate timing we were recording vocals on the day we found out a family member had passed so Fake Death will always be quite a personal song.” – Vocalist, Oliver.

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