Theo Schmitt drops Intoxication LP on Re:Sound Music

Theo Schmitt drops Intoxication LP on Re:Sound Music

Theo Schmitt follows up his 2017 debut album with his vision of forward thinking electronic music. Intoxication embraces Theo’s trademark sound and long musical history. 

His deep routed techno passion is a mainstay throughout Intoxication. From the opening glitchy soundscape of Beat Trip, you are immediately locked into a captivating soundscape from the get go. The dub chords and trippy vocals drifting through Stomp The Dub instantly take you from the downtempo vibes of Beat Trip and straight to the dance floor. So High ups the energy and melodic content as Theo starts to delve deeper into his sonic content. This is mirrored by the off key and grittiness of Gegengift. At this stage of the album you can start to understand the journey ensuing. At mid point Russisch Roulette hits at full force. Upping the tempo, this is Intoxication’s peak techno moment. We drift into a rework of Theo’s biggest track from his debut album. Technorausch (Modern Moog Mix) is a flawless twist on the original, as it pulses with the infectious 303 and diving rhythms. The Beauty & The Chord merges the techno energy from the previous two tracks, whilst adding old school flare and dub elements as we transition into the end of journey. Good Times is a perfect ending to Intoxication. All of Theo’s soundscapes blend perfectly as we finish on a melodic high. 

1) Beat Trip 
2) Stomp The Dub 
3) So High 
4) Gegengift
5) Russisch Roulette
6) Technorausch (Modern Moog Mix)
7) The Beauty and The Chord 
8) Good Times

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