THIS SUNDAY! Woomoon returns to Cova Santa!

THIS SUNDAY! Woomoon returns to Cova Santa!

Woomoon, the full moon party created in Ibiza by people from Ibiza, arrives at its fourth residence on the white island. 4 years ago Woomoon exceeded the standards of club culture by far with an unimaginable artistic spectacle being recognised by the international press as one of the greatest success stories of the Island in recent years (The Guardian).

Just as before each event offers a live band of first-class exclusively for Ibiza in the their program.And we will once again get to dance together with exclusive artists such as Rampue, Sainte Vie, Maga, Lum, Chaim, Armen Miran … followed by many surprises and new talents, exclusively brought in for the island, such as Anstascia (Ex-Blond: ish), Sahalé , Landhikhan, Kermesse, Iorie or Stimming among many others.

In addition to the two main stages, you can enjoy live music in the Resonance Area, experience the best local arts and crafts in Boulev-Art, indulge in organic food, cocktails prepared by master mixologists, Aboriginal body paint, immersive private experiences in the Cave, outdoor cinema, a variety of performances and original musical performances of Ibiza.

The show will begin with the full moon on Sunday, June 16 and will continue every Sunday until the end of the season with the full moon on Thursday, August 15.

However, this year also offers a special edition of the full moon on Sunday, September 15, so that for those residents on the island who does not have the opportunity to join, still can enjoy this magical experience.

About Cova Santa:

Cova Santa is home to the renowned Espai Kru group, one of the most prestigious restaurant chains in Spain. The Fine Dining Restaurant focuses on the convergence between design, tradition and the most exclusive products.It is the perfect place for any type of event that seeks authenticity and excellence. Besides the beautiful lounge gardens and the amazing views, the space is divided into different areas that are perfect to host special parties. Furthermore, the inside area of the venue boasts an amazing club, allowing events to extend into later hours.

Cova Santa is one of the most natural treasures of the Balearic Islands. A 25-meter-deep cave sculpted by the water from Sant Josep’s mountains over thousands of years.

In 2019 Cova Santa hosts some of the most magical parties such as Woomoon, Storytellers, Magdalena presenting Shadows, All Day I Dream, Guardians of Ek and Dailycid among others.

Cova Santa Ibiza has become one of the best food experiences on the island and has very quickly grown into a magical summer location to host events. When food, nature and music come together, magic happens!

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