Thomas Gold Course Armada University (FaderPro)


Thomas Gold Course Armada University (FaderPro)

If you've already seen Thomas Gold's first FaderPro course, you already know what an incredible tutor, and expert producer he is. With an unbelievably deep knowledge of music production and the creative process, Thomas also has one of the finest studios we've ever seen! As a DJ, he's touched every corner of the globe and played the worlds biggest events, racking up millions of fans along the way. As a producer and remixer he's released club anthems, chart hits and remixed the everyone from pop acts including Adele, Lady Gaga and OneRepublic to EDM and club heavyweights like, Fatboy Slim, Dash Berlin, David Guetta, Borgore and more!

In this jam-packed course for Armada University, Thomas Gold shows the creative process and techniques used on an incredible new track on Armada Music, 'Begin Again'. 

Learn how to take a demo idea and turn it into a release-ready commercial track. Watch Thomas deep-dive into his production process, be inspired by his highly effective workflow and understand his studio techniques.


Chapter 1:  Introduction

Step inside Thomas Gold's studio as he introduces you to his track Begin Again on Armada Music, hear the record and let Thomas start explaining his journey from basic demo to master quality release.

Chapter 2:  The Demo Track

Watch and learn how Thomas dissects the demo track and use a basic piano sound to get the chord structure before adding a Kontakt guitar instrument, processing it using multiple compression and EQ stages. Then followed by the addition of basic percussion elements.

Chapter 3:  Guitars and Drums

More guitar instrument layers, claps and drums are added to slowly build the energy. See how Thomas twists the demo idea into something much more current and original. Learn how to layer elements and blend virtual instruments, chops from sample libarays and

Chapter 4:  Arrangement

Learn the basics of creating an arrangement as Thomas explains his techniques for adding strings, organs and synths to create unique sonic beds. Plus, how those small details and musical additions keep the arrangement interesting without over-filling the track. Discover how Thomas blends genres and styles from orchestral and acoustic, to trap and big-room, into one coherent arrangement.

Chapter 5:  The Middle Eight

In the middle eight, new drums help vary the whole track and clever processing techniques give a rich sound. Understand how to build organic parts that compliment the more ridged elements. Thomas then explains reverb and delay techniques across the middle eight for adding space, width and drama. Also, Thomas shows you how to use compression, limiting and EQ on vocal layers to enhance a vocalist's natural sound and remove unwanted frequencies

Chapter 6:  Creating Intro Sounds

It's crucial when a track starts for signature sounds to be present, to hook listener's ears. Thomas explains how he did this with Begin Again, a purposeful process fora track aimed at radio. Learn the processing of these sounds and how to stack compressors

Chapter 7:  More Drums and Effects

The next stage of the production process involves more complex and interesting drum programming and effects to help transition between sections. Thomas explains the processing techniques for these effects, transitions and risers that makes then fit perfectly. 

Chapter 8:  More Creative Elements

Learn how to gain headroom on tracks with the right processing, add more elements and build a main theme and melodic thread throughout the track.

Chapter 9:  Developing the Main Theme

Thomas shows how he develops the musical theme and adjusts the drums to fit the main idea. As the project file develops more layers help create a more interesting final mix.  

Chapter 10:  Final Vocal Tuning

Learn how to completely finalise the arrangement, editing down unnecessary parts and the intro without losing the signature sound.  Then Thomas explains how to fine tune vocals for a pop-pitch perfect tuning and warm them up using plugin's to both compress and remove some of the sharpness.

Chapter 11:  Creating the Final Master

Learn how Thomas gets to the mastering stage and bounces a special level of his stereo file, before creating a new mastering project. Learn about width, where to make sure your frequencies are mono and why, using mid-side processing and multi-band compression and EQ to sculpt the perfect final master.


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