Thomas Irwin Releases ‘Lonely Lonely Road’ Featuring Mulimba

Thomas Irwin Releases ‘Lonely Lonely Road’ Featuring Mulimba

Coming off the back of releases with SPINNIN’, One Seven Music, DHARMA and more, including his multi-million-stream ‘Carnival De Paris’ remake with Dario G, ‘Take Me Back To Church’ with The High and ROZZZQWEEN, and ‘Worst Best Night’ with Scarlett, Doncaster-born and now London-based DJ/Producer Thomas Irwin breaks new ground with his latest studio production, nodding his head to some of electronic dance music’s most defining records. Download/stream ‘Lonely Lonely Road’ here:

‘Lonely Lonely Road’ is an undeniably immersive showcase of Thomas’ well-refined sonic depth. Stepping into more dancefloor-focused and club-friendly tracks without losing your acoustic identity is challenging. Still, it’s a task embraced by Thomas in this forthcoming single that blends elements of commercial dance-pop and the faster, firmer side of house music whilst tipping its hat to the nostalgic sounds of 90s Balearic club culture in the process.

A timeless recipe comprising gripping bass tones, massive, trancey synths, celestial voxes, punchy, high-tempo rhythms and an arresting vocal topline, ‘Lonely Lonely Road’ was made for the height of the party with that crescendoing dancefloor euphoria in mind.

The release of ‘Lonely Lonely Road’ on 31st May not only signifies Thomas’ adeptness at navigating the dance music landscape but also serves as a reminder that in the realm of creativity, innovation often finds its roots in tradition.

Thomas Irwin’s ‘Lonely Lonely Road’ is available to download/stream from 31st May 2024.



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