Tom Zeta drops Get You Real Good EP on Monaberry

Tom Zeta drops Get You Real Good EP on Monaberry

Emerging from the Dutch scene, Tom Zeta can be described as an realling inspiring producer and DJ for sure. The releasing talent started his career as a drummer and incorporates into his music which is highly danceable this rhythmic melodic techno.

Trying many genres, his love for techno music was most captivating. Taking great pleasure in composing and producing music, Tom decided to take it to the next level and started a bachelor’s in composition and music technology at the highly acclaimed HKU in Utrecht. Here, he discovered fantastic ways of making new music. Meanwhile, his love for drumming has shifted to a love for synthesizers and other analogue gear.

Tom’s tracks are characterized by their high energy, melodic and percussion fragments. He is always in search of new electrifying sounds making his tracks eccentric. In recent years, Tom Zeta has created and perfected his music and performance.

It’s his complex and funky rhythms that set him apart from his peers and leave every dancefloor in a hypnotic state of movement. Now the prolific artist releases his new EP on Monaberry, presenting a colourful and intense release full of sparkling vibes. This EP gets you real good.



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