Torre di Fine drop immersive album ‘Girl On The Shore’

Torre di Fine drop immersive album ‘Girl On The Shore’

Torre di Fine, the three-piece band from north-east Italy, has released their latest album “Girl on the Shore,” which promises to take you on a musical journey that immerses you into their world. The album features textually and dynamically diverse tracks, showcasing Torre di Fine’s musical ability and creativity.

One standout track from the album is “Vanta,” which uses minimal, recurring instrumentation to create a vivid picture of the duo’s emotions. Meanwhile, tracks such as “Ammonia” are hauntingly beautiful, blending a stand-out viola part with understated vocals. The album strikes a balance between atmospheric and musically desolate, making it an undeniably engaging listening experience.

In discussing the album, Torre di Fine shared, “It’s not easy for us to talk about this album; both because it deals with lots of complicated feelings and because it went through so many permutations that it feels closer to a breathing being than a collection of wav files. All previous efforts in our catalogue were aimed at re-living nostalgia, filling spaces with states of consciousness that were stuck in the past; ‘Girl on the Shore’ sits on the opposite spectrum, focusing on the representation of absence, covering its pain and hypocrisy under walls of intangible noise. It’s bleak and reassuring, like all oxymorons.”

Torre di Fine’s music is a unique melting pot of post-rock, slowcore, and digital noise. Their self-titled debut album, released in 2021, and the single “Interlagos,” released in 2022, received a warm welcome from fans and critics alike. The band’s releases all have a distinctive touch, recorded in the same decaying suburban area of north-east Italy.

The band’s music expresses themes of absence, pain, and hypocrisy, while pushing the boundaries of music production. Torre di Fine’s unique and distinctive take on music has captivated fans and critics alike, and it will be exciting to see where they take their music in the future.



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