Bas Ibellini - Toys Enjoy EP


Bas Ibellini - Toys Enjoy EP

The trendsetting Play It Say It continues to stay ahead of the curve with a new EP from Bas Ibellini, one of dance music’s hottest properties.

Ibellini has established himself with impressive sets for iconic clubs like fabric, festivals like Sonus and brands like Circoloco. The Londoner has also made a real mark with his meticulous studio sounds on the likes of Tuskegee and Crosstown Rebels, all while hosting his own night Peculiar. Pushing forwards on all fronts, he does so again here with four more well-crafted and late-night dance floor weapons.

First out of the blocks is ‘Toys Enjoy’, a superbly slick and futuristic track that melts electro and house into one fresh new style. It twists and turns on taught rhythms, with warped synths wrapping round the drums and really getting you moving. The excellent ‘Reality Check’ is a timeless house number with busy sci-fi synths and a smooth rolling groove that really gets under your skin as acid inflections colour in the airwaves.

Up next, ‘Babysit’ flips the script and offers a freaky afterparty vibe. The minimal drums and sound designs are all paired back and mind melting as they wriggle about restlessly. ‘Jammy Clothes’ closes things out with another excellently stripped back take on cerebral house music that is spaced out and synthetic, yet hugely atmospheric.

This is another club-ready EP stuff full of interesting new perspectives from the always excellent Play It Say It.


01 Toys Enjoy
02 Reality Check
03 Babysit
04 Jammy Clothes