Sieren - Transients Of Light LP


Sieren - Transients Of Light LP

Over the past year things became a little quiet around the Cologne based record label Ki Records but the collective have finally made its return with a new 12". Marking his debut on Ki, Sieren unveils his first 10-Track LP "Transients of Light".

Born and raised in Bielefeld, Matthias Frick, who assumed his mother's maiden name "Sieren" as his musical alias, eventually relocated to Berlin whilst pursuing a masters in digital signals processing and working as a software engineer for Ableton.

Since, this transition would continue to inform his music production. His soft spot for UK bass music is recognizable in a haze of reverberant vocal snippets, spherical field recordings and experimental soundscapes. Having crossed paths with Ki co-founder Christian Löffler while playing at a festival some years ago, Löffler was convinced that Sieren's music would sound as good on the radio or home stereo as it does on the dancefloor. This fateful union paved the way for their first collaboration in 2014 which saw Sieren remix Christian Löffler's "Notes" on Ki Records.


1. See You
2. Marbles
3. Hold On
4. Chroma
5. Frozen Light
6. Wavescraper
7. Bermuda Retreat
8. Mountain Flare
9. Staircase
10. Glow