Tristesse Contemporaine – Stay Golden


Tristesse Contemporaine – Stay Golden

Mysterious Paris based trio Tristesse Contemporaine are set to release their 2nd full length ‘Stay Golden’ on 25th November through Record Makers. It follows the release of the ‘Woodwork,’ EP, which marked the start of their collaboration with the label, also home to Kavinsky, Sebastien Tellier and Hynolove amongst others. Inspired by the ghosts of shoegaze, krautrock and Madchester, the album was produced by the band themselves and continues their quest to soundtrack an era lost to the night.

Made up of Japanese ex-punk singer Narumi, Swedish hockey player turned guitarist Leo and Maik, a British hip-hop fan known for his role as the lead singer of Earthling, Tristesse Contemporaine embodies the concept of a melting pot. Their unique blend of brooding indie and minimal electro pop is equally diverse, effortlessly combining sparse dance beats with bouncy bass lines and providing a fitting backdrop for the more ethereal elements of the new album.

From the uplifting pop of album opener ‘Fire’, abrasive rock of ‘I Do What I Want’ and precise house sounds of ‘Going Out,’ ‘Stay Golden’ straddles a plethora of genres whilst maintaining a signature sound that is undoubtedly their own. It can also be considered as a collection of poetry dedicated to eternal youth.

‘Stay Golden’ is set for release on 25th November through Record Makers. The eye-catching album artwork was designed by Elisabeth Arkhipoff from an illustration by Guy Peelaert.

Track listing:
1 – Fire
2 – Stay Golden
3 – Waiting
4 – Going Out
5 – I Do What I Want
6 – Can’t Resist
7 – Burning
8 – Pretend
9 – Most Times