Trust the mask dive into dystopia in ‘Otaku’

Trust the mask dive into dystopia in ‘Otaku’

Italian based experimental, electronic duo, Trust the Mask (aka Elisa Dal Bianco and Vittoria Cavedon) have returned in an all encompassing, enigmatic cyclone for 2023, engulfing all who dare to enter their enticing and extraordinary vortex. 

Beginning last month with the distinctive and synth-intensive, alt pop single ‘Will you come?’. The bold, unconventional and gorgeously galactic track invigorated the senses and sparked the imagination on an astral level.

Now, Trust the Mask share their second slice of dynamic synth action, in the form of the glitch infused, futuristic cyber-pop single and accompanying visual ‘Otaku’. Taken from the Japanese language, Otaku translates to a person or group of people that eschew human interactions in favour of video games and anime. It describes someone who is obsessed with computing, technology or certain aspects of popular culture to the detriment of their social skills. 

Injected with industrial sounds and punctuated with Vittoria’s ethereal, otherworldly vocals, ‘Otaku’ is then laced with a piercing middle eastern-esque pipe which cleverly combines the essence of the ancient and the futuristic.

Featuring both artists adorning their incredible signature style headwear the video shares scenes of the duo entangled in a sea of cables and wires. A face off between light and shadow, a battle between good and evil, a dance between the two sides of self, Trust the Mask show us both sides of the coin in metaphoric symbolism and beautiful symmetry.

A proposed dystopia that eventually becomes reality, the refrain, in pure Trust the Mask style, lets us glimpse the light at the end of the tunnel. Overflowing with waves of analog synths, incisive drums and snares from the 80’s, ‘Otaku’ is accompanied with a mesmerising visual, draped in mysticism.

Another delectable taste and tease of their upcoming debut album Idiom which is layered with experimentation and concise, creative chaos, encapsulating the allure of the alien and the avant-garde in perfect precision. 

Watch ‘Otaku’ here:

“We always want to be empathetic with our music. We know people who have become very focussed on something and then don’t ever go out, so it’s a situation that was born in Japan but we can still find it here – it’s not too far in my opinion.” –  TRUST THE MASK

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