Tú Releases A Sweet Ambient Single ‘Dragon Fruit’

Tú Releases A Sweet Ambient Single ‘Dragon Fruit’

Tu Pham (Tú)  releases a sweet melodic ambient single ‘Dragon Fruit’ housing production from Maggie Tra via SYS Sister Sounds Label.

Opening the project with a heart-felt and thought-provoking beats, “Dragon Fruit” brings together two creatives connecting via identity and authenticity through-out the song. Tú’s soothing gospel vocals flow throughout the single, which brings layers to the track creating a uniting front.

“Dragon fruit is a song about identity, being Vietnamese while living and working in another country,” said Tú.

“It’s a sweet and exotic fruit, it’s about freedom, about love and how to embrace who we are in our daily life.”

Two individual artists’ in their own right, Tú and Maggie Tra both see music as the vehicle of truth, using symphonies as the mode of message deliverance.

Tú is part of Me2 Band based in Hanoi, Vietnam, more recently she’s been performing in the UK with her own work and musical adventures.


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