Folamour - Umami LP


Folamour - Umami LP

French house producer Folamour mints Moonrise Hill Material—a new label he has co-founded with Ethyene, Kaffe Crème & Okwa—with his own fantastic al-bum ‘Umami LP’.

Bruno Boumendil has worked under a number of different aliases and makes poetic music. As a DJ he has lit up dance floors all over France, and he also runs the FHUO Records label. This new nine track LP is the start of a busy year that promises more music on Church and Defected, all after some fine outings on labels like Fauxpas Mu-sic and All City Records.

The excellent album is an ode to his love of Japanese culture and mixes up beats and house samples, disco swing and future jazz in ways that work both in the club and your living room.

The warm and musical ‘Night of Desirable Objects’ kicks things off with loose jazz chords, shuffling beats and welcoming moods that come from smart vocal samples. It’s a brilliantly heartfelt opener that makes way for the slowed down grooves of ‘Y’all Right.’ Trumpets, live drums and gorgeous chords all exude genuine soul and funk, and ‘Petit Prince Du Macadam’ is an exquisite hip hop beat that echoes the great Dilla.

Elsewhere, ‘Ivoire’ is a big, afro-tinged cut with bouncy drums and vocals as well as party-starting percussion. ‘Look at Me or I'll Steal Your Eyes’ then pulls back to perfect loops of funky guitar, trilling chords and organic drum work. Like much of the music here, the loveably rough style of Moodymann is a big presence in this one. French filter styles characterise the sunny disco influenced grooves of ‘Devoted to U’, ‘Oyabun’ is

a blissed out bit of romantic house, ‘Kickflipin’ That Stuff’ is another gorgeous hip hop interlude weighed down by hot soul and ‘Jah Love’ is a masterfully melodic piece with splashes of cymbal, brilliant key playing and jazz drums that find their way into your heart.

This is a fine artistic statement that comes ahead of tour dates and festivals at clubs
all over Europe. As such, it is rightly sure to propel Folamour to the next level.

Folamour ‘Umami LP’ drops on Moonrise Hill Material on 29th September 2017


A1 – Night Of Desirable Objects            
A2 – Y'all Right
A3 – Petit Prince Du Macadam
B1 – Ivoire
B2 – Look at Me or I'll Steal Your Eyes
C1 – Devoted to u
C2 – Oyabun
D1 – Kickflipin 'that Stuff
D2 – Jah Love