Venice Beach – You Can’t Stop Me


Venice Beach – You Can’t Stop Me

Here at Nang’s tower we welcome 2015 with a fresh sounding EP coming from French duo Venice Beach, including a collaboration with Kitsuné’s Shindu and backed up with 2 remixes from our man Pete Herbert.

Nang is proud to start the New Year with the return on the label of French Disco duo Venice Beach. Jay and Dee have been very busy recently, dividing their time between playing gigs as residents of Paris infamous club Wanderlust, touring all over Europe and the US, and locking themselves in the studio making some groovy music. As a result of their studio sessions we are proud to present their latest EP ‘You Can’t Stop Me’ which sees their return on the label and includes on the title track a collaboration with another duo, Belgium’s Shindu. This 8 hand collaboration has generated a timeless track which mixes Disco and 80’s Pop, working perfectly on any dance floor. The EP also includes 2 remixes from label favourite Pete Herbert (Maxi Discs and Eskimo Recordings) and 2 more original tracks from Venice Beach.

‘You Can’t Stop Me EP’ starts with the title track: 80’s sounding synths lead the track, fused with cheeky slow half Disco half Pop drums patterns and Shindu’s vocalist Chip catchy lyrics, while a hypnotic whistling melody becomes an unforgettable hook which won’t leave your mind easily. We can find the same powerful mixture in the ‘Club mix’ which is a longer version of the opening track. Following is Pete Herbert’s first remix: the british producer speeds things up a little bit and adds a new Italo sounding bass-line, Funky guitar riffs creating a more club oriented groove, merging them with the vocals (which disappear only in his second Dub version) and uplifting melodies of the original. The EP continues with Venice Beach’s original ‘Boarding’ in which moody melodies and a Deep bassline drive this sexy Nu Disco cut into more dance floor friendly territories. The Final track of the EP ‘Just’ is a club killer: a strong relentless House flavoured bass is blended with dreamy pads and groovy melodic chords.

16th of February 2015 – Venice Beach returns on Nang.