VillaHangar Drops New ‘Bayati Shiraz’ Release By Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto

VillaHangar Drops New ‘Bayati Shiraz’ Release By Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto

Villahangar is thrilled to introduce Rockin Moroccin, a British-Moroccan artist, to their label with new single “Bayati Shiraz,” which was produced in collaboration with Italian composer Davide Ruberto. The track offers a fresh musical challenge for the artist, showcasing his trademark style of melodic and tribal rhythms, following the success of his recent “You Got The Love.”

The song’s inspiration comes from Azerbaijan, where it incorporates the country’s organic, solemn, and mysterious atmosphere, offering a multisensory journey to its capital Baku. This sonic adventure is a new persona for the artists and features local musicians from the region, highlighting their cultural traditions and providing a glimpse into their fascinating world steeped in a thousand-year-old history.

Rockin Moroccin comments on the importance of doing justice to the original folk song, while also making it relevant to today’s electronic music scene, ‘Bayati Shiraz’ being an actual folklore song is very dear to the people of Azerbaijan and means a lot to them as a country in whole.” The opportunity to record live in Azerbaijan and work with local musicians was a great experience that he will never forget.

Villahangar, founded in 2015 by DJ and TV presenter Andrea Pellizzari and DJ/Producer Matt Sawyer, focuses on dancefloor music, navigating genres ranging from deep house to lounge, downtempo, organic, melodic, and afro house. Their mission is to find and support talented artists across the music spectrum, as evident in their Villahangar Podcast ‘MusicInTheAir,’ which features fresh and diverse sounds from a myriad of international artists every Sunday on Pure Ibiza Radio.

“Bayati Shiraz” has already made a solid impact on the underground music scene, with Nick Warren, Henry Saiz, Robert Owens, Hanna Hais, Soul Central, Leandro Silva, Quentin Harris, and Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco) among the players who have jumped on board this summer heater early on. The song’s inherent, inspiring cultural vibe is set to inspire the masses and take pride of place as a go-to track on the dance floor.

Rockin Moroccin & Davide Ruberto ‘Bayati Shiraz’ 

Release Date: 24th March Worldwide

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