Various Artists - Vudu Records Vol.1


Various Artists - Vudu Records Vol.1

‘Weapons’ is definitely one of Vudu’s most original recent offerings. The three track EP boasts some of their most exciting releases to date, a prickly, slamming affair of weird hooks, razor sharp grooves and devastating drops. And what more would you expect from this exclusive round up of exciting talent? Vudu deliver yet again with their carefully crafted line-up: Alaia, Gallo, Rio Dela Duna, AN:RO and Craig & Grant Gordon take the reins with this one, as they exercise their right to fill dancefloors in every corner of the globe.
Italian producers Alaia & Gallo join forces with French-born deep house expert Rio Dela Duna on the EP opener. ‘That D’ hosts a tightly coiled bass drum sound that acts as a perfect platform for the tall structure of crunchy samples, stabby vocal previews, and a groove that makes this one an instant ‘hands-in-the-air’ kind of track.

Another hot new prospect, brothers Craig & Grant Gordon go for a more experimental, dark sound in their contribution. ‘Stops’ offers deeper-than-deep synth patterns to create a funky, melodic and spiritual tune.

To close the record, Russian duo AN:RO have produced a raging, fist-pumper of a track. ‘I Remember House’ vaunts an exceptionally catchy vocal hook, which is reinforced by crisp 4×4 beats and a smooth absorbing bassline.

Living up to their name, Vudu yet again distribute groovy, deep and utterly irresistible collection of tracks from some of the world’s freshest DJ’s. The ‘Weapons’ EP series begins…
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