Various Artists - Vv Aa


Various Artists - Vv Aa

Metro Dance Club, considered as one of the most iconic clubs in the national electronic scene of the last decades, decided to create a label in 2012. Metro Dance Records, in its five years of history, has achieved not only to equalise the impeccable trajectory of the Spanish club but also, to become one of the most renowned labels of the moment with a great international recognition and reputation. On 29th of November the EP "Vv Aa", will be released, the label´s tenth reference, conceived as an authentic ode to national talent. 

Dubpaper combines his underground, energetic, synthetic and emotional style with Acid District´s purist House, Suruba´s essential figure, to create "Valhalla", track which opens the EP and prepares the listeners to the one-way trip they are about to start. "Roots", EverDub´s creation, contains the duo´s characteristic deep, forceful full of personality rhythms, capable of carrying the public to a new dimension. Indira Paganotto, national electronic promise and owner of an eclectic, effusive and elegant sound, signs the third track "Appalosa" and its captivating vocals.

Ivan Serra opens the next stage of this journey with "Thatman", track in which he expresses his recognizable technique and personal ability to fuse different styles. Marcos in Dub, outstanding exponent of Madrid´s clubbing scene, continues by showing off his creative freedom and his delight for textures, delivering the suggestive "Glitch". Next up is MR.J, aka Javier Ferrer, and his dark, melodic, hypnotic Techno with an analogue soul to take control with "Prakaas".

The last part of the EP starts with Nhitto and his "Asador Donostiarra" with a dark and powerful nature that invites the listeners to immerse in a completely cathartic dance. We find the solution in Sergio Mañez, living history of the national electronic scene, whose style combines the most rigid of the orthodoxies with the most diverse of the eclecticism, and his "Novo". The final stages is opened by Shutker with "Under", a track full of the sophistication, sensitivity, effervescence and mastery that has turned its owner into a successful producer. And it´s ended by Sosandlow´s "Hidden Planet", the duo that with its love for underground and club culture has conquered the best dance floors in Madrid.

"Vv Aa" will be available from 29th of November on Metro Dance Records.