WAKANA LAKE REUNION: Boutique festival in the natural park of Los Alcornocales, Cádiz – Spain


WAKANA LAKE REUNION: Boutique festival in the natural park of Los Alcornocales, Cádiz – Spain

The Natural Park of Los Alcornocales in Cadiz, a valley with breathtaking views of a lake surrounded by Phoenician remains, Neolithic dolmens and caves with paintings dating back to the Neolithic, welcomes the next 18th, 19th and 20th of May the first edition of Wakana Lake Reunion. This is an exclusive event in which a thousand people will enjoy live instrumental music, first level electronics and different artistic disciplines that will come together to create a unique experience.

A boutique festival that will take place during the spring effervescence in the Andalusian province of Cádiz, the event will include a daytime program full of interesting instrumental performances of diverse musical styles ranging from pop to flamenco, ethnic rhythms, funk or R&B; and will count with up to 13 national and international artists such as Témé Tan, La Chica, Cesar 16Prod, Granny Goes To Heaven, Ali Danel or Edward Estlin, among others. Moreover, Sofar Sounds, the music and emerging artists platform set up in 2009 will be participating.

At nightfall, electronics will become the protagonist of the Wakana Lake Reunion until dawn. In collaboration with Muzo Collective, there will be artists like BLONDISH, Stimming, Chancha Via Circuito, Crussen, Stavroz, Kerala Dust, Luca Musto, Marino Canal, Kaleema, Lowenthal, Rico Loop, Los Dos, Foreverness, Álvaro Mesa, Thimble & Ginny, Tano, Paloma Colombe and Melrose Alfalfa; drawing an elegant electronic and nocturnal line up for an exclusive musical and artistic meeting that will take place in the very same place where the historian Alberto Porlan locates the famous and mysterious lost city of Atlantis, capital of the ancient civilization of the Tartessos.

A location, full of incredible spiritual importance that completes Wakana Lake Reunion´s philosophy: the real meaning of a community (reunion) and the reencounter of our essence with nature (well-being).


As another of the fundamental pillars of Wakana Lake Reunion during the three days of the event, an attractive artistic proposal will be offered where renowned international artists and galleries will exhibit and auction their urban and contemporary art works, in collaboration with the platform Koyac and located inside the Main gallery: Wakana Lake Museum, in a typical Andalusian country house. Projections of visual art, outdoor facilities, scenographic art and performances will complement the art section of the event.

At the same time, architecture will complement the already magical location of the festival with original settings and structures, hand in hand with the ZULOARK and Ensalada Works studios.


Wakana Lake Reunion program offers sports and water activities during the day, such as kayaking, paddle surfing, water skiing; Ayurvedic massages, yoga sessions and a variety of workshops.

In addition, Wakana Market will offer different options, such as vintage clothing and accessories, or hairdressing and makeup stands.

Finally, Wakana Lake Reunion will honour the highly recognized gastronomic area where it is located, by  offering daily menus and local quality food such as retinto beef or the famous almadraba tuna. This will allow to charge the body with the right energy while enjoying the festival´s insane cultural offer.

Faithful to Wakana Lake Reunion´s differentiation from big size festivals, exquisite and original accommodation options are offered to enjoy the event to the fullest. Indian tipis or Mongolian Yurts, painted and decorated with fair trade materials provided by the Vicente Ferrer Foundation are available to complete the magical experience.

Wakana Lake Reunion – The Mission

After a pilot experience in 2017 under the same name and in the same location for only 300 people, Wakana Lake Reunion celebrates next May its definitive first edition of an intimate and exclusive festival.

Wakana Lake Reunion is an opportunity to disconnect in Los Alcornocales, a 180,000 hectare natural park located in the Andalusian province of Cádiz; an exclusive experience full of talent from different artistic fields with music and contemporary art as protagonists; an occasion to know and know yourself; an unforgettable meeting

A boutique festival limited to only a thousand people; thousand tickets that can be acquired only with the secret code that gives access to our website. Do not miss yours!