Walker & Royce – Sister EP


Walker & Royce – Sister EP

Walker & Royce drops the ‘Sister’ EP via Jaymo & Andy George’s Moda Black imprint this September, comprising two original tracks from the duo.

Moda Black: ”Walker & Royce first joined forces with Moda Black in 2011, with the release of Perfect Sound – a throbbing club track that became a staple in the sets of Lee Curtiss, XXXX & XXXX. In a world of fast music, mass consumption and preset-happy producers, W&R occupy the opposite end of the spectrum, where fine details, an obsessive nature and a desire to sound unique are the key motivations when making music.

Sister is, to be fair, something of a monster. Aesthetically simple, it’s sheer production quality that makes this track so powerful. Hidden amongst the raw bass is an array of complex details and ear-twisting production tricks. The main break offers a brief respite, before warped vocals and manic effect transitions turn the track inside-out, delivering stomach clenching sub sonics that have made this a weapon of choice for Catz n Dogz, Eats Everything and Justin Martin. It’s one to end the night on, for sure.

The flip-side see’s W&R move into a more stripped back territory. The trademark vocal processing continues to form their sonic signature here, however this time the boys head for a more swung-out beat construction. More restrained but equally effective.

Walker & Royce will be joining Jaymo & Andy George and various other members of the Moda Black crew as they take over Room 2 at Air during this years ADE weekend, as well as on several dates of the Autumn Moda Black tour.”

Walker & Royce’s ‘Sister’ EP is out on Moda Black 15th September 2014.