Chemical Surf, P.A.C.O - Walking Back Rework


Chemical Surf, P.A.C.O - Walking Back Rework

Teaming up once again, P.A.C.O. joins Chemical Surf to follow up their 2014 hit ‘Walking Back’ – including an edit from Kittball founders Tube & Berger.

Kittball favourite P.A.C.O. first collaborated with Brazilian brothers Lucas and Hugo Sanches for ‘Walking Back’ at the start of 2014, becoming one of the label’s most talked about tracks of the year. The idea for a follow up came soon after, however strict release plans on the label and fastidious revisions on the track to make it perfect meant it couldn’t be released until now.

With a heady hook and distorted vocal as its centrepiece, the revamped version of ‘Walking Back’ follows a similar aesthetic to the original whilst injecting a healthy dose of attitude. Meanwhile, Tube & Berger provide a bonus – and very personal – edit that they’ve been using as a secret weapon in their performances, until now. Starting off smoothly, soft synth chords and various atmospherics work the track forward until a suspenseful build up erupts into a cavernous drop.

Chemical Surf & P.A.C.O. ‘Walking Back Rework’ drops on Kittball Records on 3rd November 2015.