Yunus Durali ft. Megan Kashat - Waters


Yunus Durali ft. Megan Kashat - Waters

Yunus Durali’s career has gone from strength to strength working with some of the best DJs and producers Turkey has to offer. Better known for his remixes, Yunus has set his sights on creating more original tracks and expanding his career internationally.

Yunus Durali has captured the essence of his roots in his latest original production with Arabic-esque melodies and funky bass lines paired with constant punchy kicks that drive the track throughout, all of these elements build beautifully in to a saxophone heavy drop.

Singing sensation, Megan Kashat also features on this tune. Megan has also had a successful career in the entertainment industry, originally as a dancer before turning her hand at music and working with artists such as Christina Aguilera and Steve Aoki. The combination of Yunus Durali’s production and Megan Kashat’s voice is a match made in heaven.

‘Waters’ is out now on Istanbul Records and is available to download in all stores.

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