Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has


Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train - When You Feel What Love Has

“When You Feel What Love Has” is the brand new 2016 song and dance production from D-Train and House music legend DJ Lenny Fontana.

Lenny at the helm in the studio alongside James ‘D-Train’ Williams, together they have created another classic New York dance-floor hit with crisp beats and infectious melodies wrapped around a vocal that could only ever be recognised as the power-tones of James himself. The refrain “open my arms, I can’t believe, open my arms I can’t receive it” is a deep-rooted D-Train hook, perfectly executed as if it was straight off one of the act’s Prelude 12” smashes from the mid-80’s, the way that those songs always had a secondary vocal hook cleverly layered into the journey of the song like “with the love I have inside of me we can turn this world around”  from “You’re The One” was a secondary, yet strong hook line that resonated on the dance floor. “When You Feel What Love Has” has that magic too as the rhythm reverberates around the room enrapturing your senses into one.

With five mixes, all high in production from the Original, the NYC Deeper Dubb plus NYC Deep Dubb Instrumental along with the Radio and instrumental from the Original mix. A perfect set..

Out on the world's leading House music label of the last two years – Karmic Power Records…