Jon Cates - Wibbly Bibbly


Jon Cates - Wibbly Bibbly

Shameless Audio is proud to present “Wibbly Bibbly”, a spacey and driving bass house affair by Jon Cates (Cates&dpL) with impressive and diverse remixes from MO7S (Monism Music) and Caloris (the duo of Joe Bellingham and Traeger Evans).

Cates’ original is a serious genre-spanning dance floor crusher that bridges classic and contemporary house vibes. Cates deftly combines bass house low end and melodic leads with classic deep house hi-hat grooves, vocal samples, and filtered synth lines. The track starts with a heavy sub-bass and stripped down, but quickly crescendos into a tripped-out, peak hour journey into some ‘really strange’ and extremely hooky music.

The MO7S remix takes the track deeper and and in more melodic directions. MO7S brings out some of the original’s melody and groove then layers them with all sorts of percussion and a rich, organ-like synth. Most of the track’s core drive comes from a warm and moving bass line and a subtle yet grabbing use of the original’s key hook. Like Cates, the M07S remix builds up in all the right ways, but is always DJ and dance floor friendly.

The Caloris’ Reflection mix harnesses the original’s drive and channels it into a deep and stripped-down big room tech-house banger. A sonar-like synth, trippy filtered leads, and deconstructed vocals from the original gallop over Joe Bellingham’s signature spacey pads and driving low end. The interplay between the kick and bass line makes subs, DJs, and dancers move in all the right ways.

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