Wonderlust MCR debut their audio-visual event showcase in Joshua Brooks Manchester


Wonderlust MCR debut their audio-visual event showcase in Joshua Brooks Manchester

James Ruskin and Monoloc are set to headline Wonderlust MCR at Joshua Brooks on Friday 28th of July for a showcase of industrial techno with intense artistic productions.

Wonderlust is an audio-visual experience aimed at delivering the very best in industrial style techno to their Manchester base. Combining intense productions with the darker sound of techno, they aim to deliver a new experience to patrons, creating an intense atmosphere for them with the use of projection mapping, intense visuals and eccentric laser shows. With a plethora of some of the leading techno DJs and a solid team of residents, Wonderlust MCR is sure to bring something the city has been waiting for.

Wonderlust Group was founded on the principles of bringing underground music events to unique venues throughout Europe, founded by Belfast born Fahad McCann. With a vision and ethos in mind, Fahad set off to Ibiza to work and found his two partners, Harrie Summers and Paul Sansome; two DJs with a desire to showcase their music and be part of a likeminded community that keeps the music at the forefront of everything.

Ravetop was the first brand released under Wonderlust Group, a series of daytime rooftop parties that showcased house and disco in a rooftop venue in Ibiza, which was an instant success within the worker community. Following Ravetop, Wonderlust held three showcases in the second room of Eden in San Antonio, and a season finale in the Spektrum Room at Sankeys Ibiza.

Returning from Ibiza, work began for the continuation of Wonderlust, which led to the development of Wonderlust MCR. Wonderlust MCR was a brand that Fahad created four years prior during his studies, and now, he has everything in place to showcase the madness that was created in his own head.

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