Woomoon – Moonlight That Embraces Your Soul 20th July – Cova Santa


Woomoon – Moonlight That Embraces Your Soul 20th July – Cova Santa

WooMooN began on July 6th when the moon began its cycle. Three weeks later and the full moon arrives in maximum splendour, coinciding with the third chapter of WooMooN in Cova Santa on Wednesday, July 20th.

The full moon will witness the consecration of the party that everyone is talking about, and will cast an illumination of magic upon this event. Joining the full moon celebrations will be residents, Bedouin, LUM, NU, Nicola Cruz and Valentin Huedo. A myriad of musical styles  to complement the day into night. From music with one foot into the future, and the other in the Andean origins of Nicola Cruz, electronics inspired by the land of LUM, one of the best examples of nomadic sound from NU, and Bedouin who are monopolizing line-ups around the world. In addition to the packed line-up will be Berliner, Martha van Straaten self-confessed part-time nomad!

Add to this the spectacle of Ritual Ibiza, which will always surprise and seduce you and with the illustrious artistic content in an impressive place like Cova Santa, the public who are always open, and all bathed by the light of the full moon. Mind-blowing!

What: WooMooN
When: Every Wednesday from 6th July – 16th September 2016
Where: Cova Santa
Who:  Storytellers Ibiza
Ticketing Information: http://goo.gl/2yNWZs