Remove The Object - Words Fail, Rise Again


Remove The Object - Words Fail, Rise Again

Remove The Object aka Richard Barratt lands on Skint Records with a terrific two track EP that will be part of the label’s Music For Nightclubs series, focusing on sounds that are perfect for clubs and dance floors.

Sheffield’s esteemed Richard Barratt is best known for his work as Crooked Man, but has made music under many aliases for more than 30 years. Always inventive and outside the norm, here Barratt explores bass heavy, mid-tempo club sounds with his usual sense of authenticity and expert production know how.

Opener 'Words Fail’ is a menacing cut with staggering drums and raw percussive tension. Smeared vocals add a sense of soul while the bass pressure continues to build. It’s a left of center affair unlike anything else, but with a devastating dance floor impact.

Then comes the fantastic ‘Rise Again’, a low slung and filthy dub track with cavernous drums and rasping bass. Swaggering guitar riffs and echoing hits are finished with an empowering spoken word female vocal that, together, are sure to bring the floor alive in the months to come.

These are two standout tracks from Richard Barratt that inaugurate the Music For Nightclubs series in real style.


1. Words Fail
2. Rise Again